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Security KAG within the GRAWE group

Security KAG was founded in the year of 1989 as the asset management unit within the corporate group of Grazer Wechselseitige Versicherung AG (GRAWE), the 5th largest insurance goup in Austria. 

Grazer Wechselseitige Versicherung AG

In addition to the investor’s assets entrusted to our care, we are intensively involved in the management of our parent company’s (GRAWE) financial assets. Nearly 200 years of successful tradition and rich experience GRAWE puts much of trust in our ability for the future. 


For you, as a business partner, this means that you cooperate with an experienced institutional investor for whom a high degree of reliability as well as a long-term business orientation are amongst the most important virtues.

Business Segments

Traditional Asset Managements

Management of public mutual funds as well as institutional funds across multiple asset classes and management styles. 

Individualised solutions

Set-up and management of tailor-made investment concepts for institutional investors.

Unit-linked and Index-linked Life Insurance

Manager of portfolio components used in unit-linked and index-linked life insurance products. Manager of the base portfolio for the private pension schemes provided by 9 Austrian insurance companies.

Asset manager skilled in insurance business

Deeply engaged in the asset allocation of GRAWE’s financial assets. Actuarial analysis as well as provider of Asset-Liability-Management (ALM) studies including applications and calculation techniques for Solvency II purposes

Socially responsible investing

Portfolio management based exclusion criteria and the integration ESG aspects (Environmental, Social and Governance) into the investment process.


Funds Finland

Documents (Finland)

This part of our website is only suitable for investors in Finland.

Manner in which the issue, sale, repurchase or redemption price of units of UCITS will be made public:

The prospectus, the Key Investor Information Document (=KID, KIID), the fund’s rules, the audited annual reports and the non-audited semi-annual reports will be published in internet at Other information for the investors will be published there as well. The daily redemption and issue prices will be published in internet at (NAV, AUSGABE=actual issue price, RÜCKNAHME=actual redemption prices).


Information materials:

The investors can obtain the same information and documents that unit holders in Austria are entitled to according to the Austrian InvFG. These are the prospectus, the fund’s regulations, the audited annual report and the non-audited semi-annual report in English language and the Key Information Investor Information Document (=KID, KIID”) in Finnish as well as the issuing and redemption prices. These documents can be received from Aktia Invest Ltd. (until September 30, 2014) respectively Aktia Asset Management Ltd. (beginning on October 1, 2014), Kalevankatu 6, 4th floor, 00100 Helsinki, as sales agent in Finland and/or Security Kapitalanlage AG as the issuer of the units.


Every investment is associated with risks; you can find detailed information on risks in the current prospectus. You can also find information in German on investor rights as well as information on opportunities and risks at investment principles of the funds may be subject to future changes. There is no guarantee of compliance with investment policies and investment objectives as well as the sustainability criteria of individual funds, if the applicable restrictions are voluntary and not specified in the prospectus.


Current information for Finnish Investors: 

Per 31th of August 2021 the name of the fund was changed from Apollo Euro Corporate Bond Fund into Apollo Nachhaltig Euro Corporate Bond


KIID Apollo Nachhaltig Euro Corporate Bond

PR Apollo Nachhaltig Euro Corporate Bond

SR Apollo Nachhaltig Euro Corporate Bond

AR 2020 Apollo Euro Corporate Bond Fund

AR 2019 Apollo Euro Corporate Bond Fund

AR 2018 Apollo Euro Corporate Bond Fund

AR 2017 Apollo Euro Corporate Bond Fund

AR 2016 Apollo Euro Corporate Bond Fund

AR 2015 Apollo Euro Corporate Bond Fund

AR 2014 Apollo Euro Corporate Bond Fund

AR 2013 Apollo Euro Corporate Bond Fund

AR 2012 Apollo Euro Corporate Bond Fund


KIID ... Key Information Investor Information Document
PR... Prospectus
AR... Actual Annual Report
SR... Actual Semi-annual Report


Information on Sustainability

Information on sustainability